South Asia Students For Liberty Colloquia

What is an SFL Colloquium?

How often have you watched a debate – on TV, on the radio, in private – and felt: “Both sides have some valid points, and they could learn so much from one another if only they stopped focusing on ‘winning’ the conversation?”. It may be in the nature of a debate to attempt to ridicule your interlocutor and constantly try to prove each other wrong. But while this makes for great shows, shouldn’t there be a way to take more out of it – more knowledge, perspectives and understanding?

This is exactly what SFL Colloquia are designed for.

An SFL Colloquium is a collaborative, cooperative dialogue in which multiple sides work toward a shared understanding of a selected topic, informed by reading from experts in this field. The most important prerequisite is an open mind: We assume that many people have pieces of  the answer, and that cooperation can lead to a greater understanding. We welcome openness to change, respect for your fellow participants, and the synergy that the interdependence of minds creates.

Our colloquia are based on the principles of Socratic seminars, a method devised in ancient Greece by one of the most renowned philosopher of all times, Socrates. These are a method of teaching, which, if properly implemented, foster independence, develop excellent reasoning skills, and allow participants to question and justify underlying assumption in their thinking they always took for granted.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

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