“Are Vices Crimes?”, Kochi


Since the dawn of government, there have been laws established against the vices of men. Governments around the world have attempted to outlaw individual actions they deemed to be vices, such as drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs, or engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage. When outlawing these behaviors prove to be unsuccessful, they turn to taxation as punishment.

This colloquium will dive into the theoretical definitions of vice and crime. Are they mutually exclusive? Or do they go hand-in-hand? Participants will also explore and discuss the government’s role in managing vices and crime. Participants should come prepared to debate questions such as: Does government have the right to legislate vices? And, does the criminalization of vices have a negative effect on society?

In this Socratic seminar, we want to better understand what’s at stake here. Come join us for this amazing discussion among a highly intellectual group of students!

Deadline for Applications: March 23, 2018

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